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  • Family Trust

    These types of trusts are built up to bring about benefits to the family members. The purpose of a Family Trust is to help the intender in transferring the assets under the authenticity of the trust. Family Trust helps in safeguarding the interest of the family members through an appropriate specification of the management of such trust. The capability to guideline investment of money in the trust has been helpful in proper dealing with assets and distribution thus eradicating any possibility to raise family disputes. Since, the author has no control over the management of assets, interest of family members is safeguarded in the event of any legal action against the author.

The concept has to consider a host of legal aspects while forming up. There are tax implications which are entirely depended upon the structure. The terms of the instrument determine management and governance of such trust. There are other formalities that need to cope up appropriately before setting up of a trust. We help our client with the proceedings to form such a trust.

Unit Trust

  • Unit Trust

    A Unit Trust document is an effective investment method that works through gathering the savings of a group of people. The entire bulk is invested in market after proper understanding of the safety and security and knowledge of best return.

    Unit Trust is created under a trust deed, enabling each investor purchase unit/s of the trust. These trusts are open-ended vehicles, Investors get back of the portion of units on a regular basis according to the stipulation of the contract.

The value of units in a Unit Trust has direct relation with performance of assets. The returns on such units show an extended value when the performance of asset is good and vice-versa.

We work as Fund Manager in the field of unit trust. We help our clients in choosing appropriate plan in Mutual Fund and other related areas of investment. We guarantee our clients with assured return from the investments they made. This is possible as we could gather investments from multiple clients. The pooling enables us to invest in a variety of financial assets. We take extreme care about the security of the investment.

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