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    We help new comers in the business as well as established corporate groups to maintain the right kind of formalities while registering their companies with the governing authority. The entire process of Company Registration involves picking out the right kind of structure for the business. Choosing the right kind of structure for a business is most important since this allows an endeavor run with confidence while meeting the mission of the business. Presence of a proper structure helps in meeting or refurbishing the long term vision too.

Depending on the character of proposed business, company structure takes one of the following types:

  • 1. Partnership

  • 2. One Person Company

  • 3. Limited Liability Partnership

  • 4. Private Limited Company

  • 5. Public Limited Company

The choice of company structure, however, depends on the following considerations:

  • 6. Number of partners in the proposed entrepreneurship

  • 7. Role of initial investment in determining the selection

  • 8. Whether the client agrees to assume the entire responsibility

  • 9. Rates of Income Tax applicable to business

  • 10. Plan/s to gather investment

The professionals in our company help entrepreneurs to fix the nature of business vide taking into account all of the above-mentioned factors.

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