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Pushing our limits to provide the highest quality services
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Business Registration Service Provider

What is Company Express PTY Ltd?

Compex-Pushing ourselves to the utmost to provide the best services possible

Companies Express PTY Ltd (Compex) is a reputed company having an excellent experience since 1983 in the sector of Incorporations and Related Secretarial Services. We offer a simple and cost-effective service by both online and offline processes. Those who want to do shelf company registration for start-up, they search name for their organization with the help of professional like Compex. 

Our Services

Company Registration

It's the greatest time to register your business in South Victoria is right now! We have already registered lots of businesses! The first and most crucial step in starting a firm is establishing a suitable business structure and registering it. Compex is here to serve you in registering for-

  • Private Limited Company
  • One Person Company
  • Limited Liability Partnership
  • Proprietorship Firm
  • Partnership Firm etc.


Company/ Business Name Searching

Searching for a justified and enthusiastic company name is no more difficult now. Compex has coherent knowledge on this matter. We know the focus motto of any business and suggest a relevant name for your Company.

Superannuation Fund

Secure your old age today; it's essential. Compex is with you in each step towards a safe and secure future. We can suggest you numerous ways to ensure your retirement income. So please follow our plans, funds, and schemes thoroughly and consult with us for the foremost solution.

Secretarial Services

Compex offers a dedicated staff of company secretarial, legal, and Chartered Accountants with vast experience in numerous corporate legislation and commercial/legal paperwork. 

Deregistration of a Defunct Company

Compex is one of the foremost deregistration solvent companies that know how low you feel when closing a business. So we assure the best support in the legal procedure in the Deregistration of a shelf company. We listen and learn the scenario of taking the most appropriate steps to close your Company following the law.

Business Registration

We provide answers to your business's day-to-day by implementing best practices in the area, taking your worries off your shoulders. With us, you will find the most convenient way of business registers. We ensure the effective way for your business registration through a devoted and expert team of professionals.

Our Services

Superannuation Fund

Compex understands that one of the most critical times of life is retirement. Hence we have designed our retirement fund services to bring you the best benefits for your old age. Compex helps its clients create retirement planning for the retiring employees. So that after retirement, they do not have to think about their monthly expressions.

Significance of Superannuation Fund

There will come a moment in your life when you will need to retire from your employment, whether it is private or public. As a result, when that time arrives, you will require financial support, where a retirement plan comes into play. When you retire, you need 80% of your current annual income to live comfortably, which will go towards your expenses. In addition, you'll have to go to the hospital for a check-up, and you'll certainly require more comfort at this stage of life because your body's immune isn't as strong as it once was.

Our Role in Providing You the Best Superannuation Fund

  • If you're having trouble deciding on the best plans, we'll be happy to assist you.
  • We have a group of people that are aware of it.
  • If you want to live the same life without economic constraints, investing in retinue is a must. Compex can guide you in it.
  • We help you invest your hard-earned money with the help of experts.
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Register Your Business In Australia
Shelf Company Services

Name Searching

Every brand name is unique so that no one gets confused. Compex is here to solve your doubt about the name. We must say that the company name must be Justify with that directly relates to your services. Furthermore, it must be unique as well. It will make the name easy to find. As a result, new entrepreneurs seek the assistance of professional units to conduct business name searching on their behalf. Compex is the most coherent organization for this job, for sure.

How Compex solve the name searching issue for a new Company or Business?

  • We assist our clients in selecting a suitable name for their company.
  • Our qualified professionals take the best possible steps to make a company's identity stand out in every way.
  • It is necessary because if the chosen name is similar to another company's name, a copyright clause be place on the new business.
  • We assure you the most unique, still meaningful name for your company.
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Company Registration

Compex provides reliable and good service to ensure company registration with those who want to set up their own business. We can provide all the tips for a young Businessman to start a private company. It means they know everything related to legal protection for their business, debt, & limited liability, etc. Only one person can form his company as a director. It gives full rights to a single person while limiting liability, which is the main advantage. We provide our services to all types of companies, such as.

  • 1.Private Companies
  • 2.Public Companies
  • 3.One Person Company
  • 4.Limited Liability Partnerships
  • 5.Foreign Subsidiary
  • 6.Trade Mark

COMPEX aims to provide sole proprietors and small businesses a legal framework based on government regulations to do business globally on a company basis. The pricing is subject to discussion. So visit our website and choose your preference. After that, please contact us for further procedures.

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Foreign Company Registration

Secretarial Services

Compex has a dedicated team of CAs and secretarial experts for secretarial services to its clients. It can fully help them in registration, corporate, secretarial services. Compex is coherent to provide the best secretarial services to ensure your secretarial designation in the mentioned company types. We have trained our team to work as the best market professionals. Their complete knowledge of legal aspects and sector of Chartered Accountancy will provide the best services at your range.

We comply with all matters covered by company law, rules, and regulations. Including board of directors compliance, shareholder compliance, change management, liquidation, winding up, record keeping, consulting, and other services.

Keep in mind-

Meetings of the Board of Directors, Shareholders, and Creditors, for example, are all subject to compliance.

Provide help to deal with legal and corporate law issues.

Annual returns and related legal document filed with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs

Take-over regulations and Insider Regulations are all topics covered by company and secretarial law.

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Corporate Secretarial & Company Secretarial Services
Company Registration Solutions


Family Trust

Family trust certification is a Useful measure for family backgrounds. And trust funds are an example of the usual financing structures in Australia. However, setting a trust fund might be a difficult task. Compex is here to reduce your effort in this process. So shield your family members today. Compex will guide you thoroughly on what to do and how to do it. Our genuinely skilled team will make it easy and convenient. Please follow the steps-

  • Decide on the initial guardianship of your assets.
  • Appoint Trustee(s).
  • Determine Your Beneficiaries
  • Draft Trust Deed.

We help you with these types of trust registration.

  • Family or Discretionary Trusts
  • Unit or Fixed Trusts
  • Hybrid Trusts
  • Special Disability Trusts

Family Trusts have become a typical manner of arranging financial matters and a sensible, taxable way of distributing revenues while also protecting capital for forthcoming contemporaries. Since trusts are often irrevocable, it is imperative to clarify the legal aspects and commitments. But you don't have to worry because team Compex is aside of you in such a complicated procedure.

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Business Registration

Are you a new business owner looking to expand your business? Compex has helped many new businesses register companies. We help to do ownership registration and various types of business registration etc. Compex's skilled and knowledgeable team assists you in all aspects of your business registration and financial aspects. In addition, we provide creative solutions tailored to your individual business needs, ensuring your success in the business and commercial sectors.

We conduct discussions with you to thoroughly comprehend your requirements and objectives. Compex connect you to professional service providers based on your needs, such as accountancy and legal, business-related, Secretarial Services, and more.

We help introduce sector subject maternal experts, top researchers, industry peers, and the environment.

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Company Secretarial Services

Please feel free to call or email us with any queries. Our staff are more than happy to help you further with any of your enquiries.

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