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Company/Business Name Searching

  • Company/Business Name Searching

    Business Name must not be confused with the brand name. Brand name of a company is related to the brand that the company is dealing with. On the contrary, business name is keen with company name. The business name or the company name serves as the identity of a business. Therefore, new entrepreneurs seek help of professional units to perform Business Name Searching for them.

We help our clients in finding an appropriate name for their business. Our expert professionals take the optimum initiatives in making the name of a company unique in all respects. This is required as if the name chosen is found to have some congruency with another company’s name, clause of copyright will be imposed on the new company.

In case of sole proprietor firm, there is no such stringent clause. But, we advise to take a unique name in order to avert the possibility of changing name in future while the business is growing. Change at that stage would surely affect the potential growth.

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