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Superannuation Fund

  • Compex helps its clients form Superannuation Plans for the employees going to retire within a short period. It is a must-invested range of assets in helping grow their balance so they can have the best possible retirement outcome. We have a good team of accounts and tax professionals to help our business owner make a superannuation fund. It is important; the more you save, the more money you will have in retirement.  Employees make their contributions for a long period resulting in the growth of a huge sum till the retirement of the employee, including interest. The entire fund is then transferred to the personal bank account of the retired employee. These funds act as a substitute for a Provident Fund.

The contribution of the employee is exempt from tax u/S 80C. Our accounts and tax professionals will help the company owner set up such a Superannuation Fund for the employee's benefit.

The superannuation choices you make today will help shape your lifestyle in retirement. We can help you get your super sorted now so you maximize your super savings for when you retire.

Reaching retirement age is a huge milestone. After years of contributing, this is the time where you can finally begin to access your hard-earned money through your superannuation fund.

Compex is here to help you choose the right fund plan to manage the number of funds you have and increase the amount you put away; these are all decisions you can make to maximize your future amount.

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