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Superannuation Fund

  • Superannuation Fund

    Our company helps its clients to form Superannuation Plans for the employees going to retire within a short span of time or have been selected for VRS. Employees as well as the employer make their individual contribution for a long period resulting in the growth of a huge sum till retirement of the employee including interest. The entire fund is then transferred to the personal bank account of the retired employee. These funds act as substitute of a Provident Fund.

The Superannuation Plans are generated in the form of retirement plans so that the fund could be made exempted from paying Income Tax. This is possible when the interests accrued will be made free from tax. The contribution of employee is exempt from tax u/S 80C. But, the employer’s contribution will be taxable on employee when the amount crosses 1.5l. The team of accounts and tax professionals with us help the owner of a company make such Superannuation Fund for the benefit of the employees.

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