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    When you register at Compex's online ATO (Australian Taxation Office) service for businesses, it will make it easier for you to interact with the ATO online to manage your tax and obligations. The best part of using our online services is lodging your tax returns, activity statements, and employment documents. You can also keep track of and update your details. Compex has an Australian Taxation Office (ATO) online app through which clients can conduct all their super affairs and the issues on the go. 

Here is a list of our online services' key features:

  • View, prepare, and revise activity statements;
  • View, organize, store, and revise Taxable Payments Annual Reports (TPAR);
  • Schedule and manage payment plans;
  • Switch between multiple entities;
  • View statements of account and find payment reference number (PRN);
  • Manage ATO accounts and update tax registration details. 

We correct your tax return (if required) before it's lodged with the ATO, review your tax deductions to ensure accuracy and compliance with taxation laws. 

The good news is that sole entrepreneurs can access these Australian Taxation Office (ATO) services on any device to lodge their tax returns, manage installments and accounts, make payment arrangements, and more.

It is crucial to lodge on time, even if you can't pay. It will give you the certainty of your tax and superposition, which means you'll have a precise understanding of what you need to do when to ask for help. The support options are available to you if you forget a due date or are worried that you won't be able to lodge on time; it's never too late. Compex is here for you. We have options to help you if you're having problems lodging or paying on time.

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