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How isn’t Business Registration Service Australia as Bad as you Think?
October 6, 2021
Olivia Smith
Business Registration Service Australia

If you’re planning to invest in a new venture or drive business growth, an entrepreneur journey can be of immense advantages. However, starting a new enterprise means registering it. While business registration may sound like a giant leap, there are underlying perks in trading under the company structure. And here’s how business registration service Australia is advantageous. Let’s learn the five significant advantages of registering the company.

It Lets You Limit The Personal Liability

As a sole partnership, you have all the legal responsibilities of your business. It even includes the losses and debts. You have your liability in case you sell faulty products or make an error. Running such a business is always risky, as your assets also are on the line. However, a company happens to be a separate entity. It’s a straightforward process of protecting personal assets from business actions.

Minimizes Tax Liability

You may pay less tax under the company structure, but it depends on business revenue. The latest tax rate for Australian small businesses and companies is lower than the individual’s highest tax rate. A sole trader gets taxed as the individual, and their business profits form a part of their income. The company gets entitled to the tax deductions for education, advertisements, training, repairs, and maintenance.

Refrain from Indulging In A Conflict With Co-Founders

Business registration service in Australia helps when conflicts arise among co-founders. As you register your company, the control gets divided by the share owned by you or other founders. The owners must have an in-depth insight that the investment is not by pre-registration verbal or printed promises. Likewise, companies may also allow you to separate ownerships and business management.

Brand Awareness And Legitimacy 

Let’s take into consideration the biggest brands in the world! All of them have their registrations. For a business to become expansive and thriving, having a compact company structure becomes a prerequisite. Registering the company will enhance the perception and reputation of the overall industry. A company turns out to be an entity that operates separately. As an owner, you’ll be accountable to ASIC & operate under ACN or Australian Company Number.

Being a registered business is significant for future dealings with third parties. Many companies engage with or hire registered companies only. It means that the business contracts may have the name of your company.

You can raise significant capital

For a company, it is a simplified process to attract investors and augment business sales. Registering the company offers a competence of borrowing and incurring debt. Besides, it can raise equity capital and sell shares. For other business structures, the owners require paying taxes on the personal income tax statement. It’s applicable even when the money stays within the business.

Raising the financial figure may be beneficial for the expansion and development of the business. For investors, it’s imperative to invest in the registered company instead of a partnership or sole trader.


Registering the company becomes the most significant way to expand your business. At the same time, it ensures business success. As an owner, you stay free of liability. If you are not sure about the business structure, that’s where you may hire a reputable business solicitor to guide you. So, these basic pointers hopefully have recommended you to understand the significance of Business Registration Service Australia.